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Kindergarten through High School Graduation

Please contact us for an appointment.

452 Fifth Avenue
Redwood City, CA

Email: JanTaylor2007@gmail.com

Phone: (650) 367-6791

2 Seaport Academy Girls Admissions


  • Please call for an appointment.
  • All interested parents are invited to visit the facility.
  • To schedule a meeting, please call (650) 367-6791 or send an email to Director Jan Taylor at JanTaylor2007@gmail.com.

You are welcome to come visit our campus. Please call to make arrangements.


  • Accepted up to one year in advance of enrollment.
  • On-going enrollment.

Seaport Academy provides an atmosphere conducive to learning. Each student is seen as an individual and receives appropriate attention. The school best serves students and families who value a quality education where inquiry and discovery are encouraged. Well-behaved students who are excited about learning benefit from our success-oriented program which provides strong academic instruction along with educational activities.


  • Enrollment into kindergarten begins at age four years and nine months, no matter the time of year.
An academic program which is kind and enriching is offered each kindergarten student. We assume each kindergartener will be attending university after graduation from high school and offer a nurturing program which introduces all the subjects. We keep in mind that this is the first year of school and it is important to instill a love of learning.

First through Twelfth Grades

  • School transcripts will be requested from the previous school.
  • Students may be interviewed on visit day.

Transfer students normally score in the above average to high range on standardized tests with some individual variations. Since diversity is a founding block of the school, the environment is appropriate and welcoming to families of any race, color, gender, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation. The population of The Seaport Academy is a reflection of the Redwood City communities that it serves.

Please refer to the following information about fees. The application form, and the request for records form are included with our enrollment packet, which can be obtained by calling the admissions office during business hours at (650) 367-6791, or by sending an email to admissions@seaportacademy.com.

Rates and Fees

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